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I will never fight or compete without multiple visits to Chirocare Recovery Center.  They make sure that my body is a well oiled machine.  People have a bad misunderstanding that they should only go see a chiropractor when they are injured.  The truth is that you should be preemptive and see a good quality chiropractor to help greatly reduce the chance of any injury from happening.  Thanks Dr. Dave and your team for all you do for Team Victory MMA and myself!

–Gilbert S., Professional MMA Fighter


“Spinal decompression was great…it changed my life after 25 years of low back pain!

N. Black


“I have benefited greatly from the services Dr. David provided me. I recommend him and his staff to others needing a healthy and natural way to recover from many physical strains or stresses of and to the body.”

D. Abbott


” What a wonderful, caring place. Thank you so much Dr. Lauritzen!!”



“Dr. David is a great Chiropractor.  He is honest, spends time finding out what you really need and is a great for sports-injury issues.”


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